My Programs & Applications

Application I use ...
Bitwarden Bitwarden password management because of it encryption and safety standarts
CloudflareDDNS CloudflareDDNS to update an existing DNS record in CloudFlare
Jackett Jackett is used a the API proxy server for Radarr and Sonarr
Jellyfin Jellyfin to watch my legally downloaded videos
Kanboard Kanboard to simply manage all my tasks privatly
Minecraft Minecraf as an selfhosted vvanilla server
Netbox Netbox is used as my IPAM System
Nextcloud Nextcloud to have my own cloud at home
Nginx Nginx just for the main page ""
OpenProject OpenProject to organise my stuff for example my new flat
Pictshare Pictshare to have the posibility to upload images by just a link e.g. github/gitlab
PiHole PiHole to block all trackers and blockers aready at DNS requests level
Portainer Portainer to manage all my docker containers
PrivateBin PrivateBin to shortly note my tought or share code snipplets
Radarr Radarr to have posibility to use the P2P network of torrenting ;)
Sonarr Sonarr to have posibility to use the P2P network of torrenting ;)
Skydive Skydive to monitor my docker network traffic
SUI SUI to hance an index page of all my services
Teamspeak Teamspeak for acutally just a friend of mine
Tor Relay Tor Relay to contribute to the Tor network [Own dockerized Project]
Traefik Traefik is used as my reverse proxy
Transmission Transmission to download torrents obviously
YouTransfer YouTransfer to share huge files/data to friends