Cryptocurrency Timeline

My journey and events timeline with cryptocurrencies


Bitcoin Now

$/₿ Closing price from coinmarketcap for each day. except for 1k marks

73 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

72 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

71 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

70 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

In work new has spread Armin and me had a fun time checking our out portfolios

69 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

68 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

A price jump from 63k to 68k raised media and new again as in the recent weeks media interest on BTC grew even more. 5k jump I love it

6 figgies bro

I surpassed due to recent price raise of crypto an absolut crazy high ammount in my portfolio. About 80% allocation into BTC.

pre-Bull Run 2024 ?

Over 20% price raise at BTC caused maybe coins to go up with the domminace of Bitcoin.

8 Years into Crypto

Bought first ASIC Miner (JasMiner)

At the PoW Summit I finally found the device for home use which is the JasMiner X16Q which is a quite 2GH/s 620 Watt Ultra Silent Miner. It's such a nice heater, which earns some money. Sadly, my electricity cost went through the roof and is currently sitting at 0.32€/kWh.

PoW Summit Prague

I got invited by ETC Cooperative to join the PoW Summit this year in Prague I did meet a lot of guys from ETC and other networks there. I was a awesome time.

Miner moved and reduced

After a long break I started mining again as costs of kWatt/h where over 0,59 € and dropped in Vienna back to 0,22 € per k/Watt. 450 Watt @ 183,6 Mh/s with 3x 3070 RTX MSi Ventus 2x.

7 Years into Crypto

ETC Community call

In the todays community call I had a deeper dive into my side I provide for the ETC network. You can also have a look what I presented by re-viewing the YouTube stream

Ethereum Classic 159.89 TH/s

Still few after days after the merge the price hasn't corrected, and coin rewards are very low at 0.0102 ETC / 100 MH/s, with the price of electricity spiking to 0,40cent / kWatt I make -$7 a day. I think about making a halt for the mining operation to save some electricity. Before the Merge and Hashrate spike I made about 0,1 ETC a day and was around 2 - 4$ profit a day

Ethereum merge completed

Ethereum Pool F2Pools mines the last PoW Block (15537394) on the ETH Chain. Immediately after ETC Hashrate started to raise and did grow up to 300TH/s.

Ethereum movies to PoS

Ethereum finally has set a Merge date on the 3 Sep. 2022, and I think a huge about of miners will move to other ethash chains such as ETC which will be a hell of a ride to go through while the ETC had just few days ago only around 20TH/s and has for then grown over double and the merge hasn't even happened yet. I expect from the ~870 TH/s around 100-200Th/s will move to ETC this will boost ETC by over 300%. Mining probability will most likely to be very low until the hashrate distributes too other coins, and the price corrects up. Maybe then we can expect too see ETC @ +100$ and constant hashrate over 300TH/s.


Spot was fulfilled in one go and a dream came back to reality again.

New 3070 cards & RIG

I today bought new MSi RTX 3070 Ventus 2x which is the same model as I have in my home PC. I expect to raise the efficiency of the miners to combat current times and the kWatt prices. Furthermore, I have successfully raised my efficiency from 186,6 kHash/Watt (140Mh/s @ 750Watt) to 291,5 kHash/Watt (208 Mh/s @ 710Watt). I have merged my old miners into one new miner which is now 6 cards strong.

Ethereum Classic Era 4

Ethereum Classic did just started a new era defined in the ECIP-1017 which is the same as a Bitcoin halving, but only 20% gets reduced from the block reward every 5 million blocks. This Era will be only 2.56 than the previous 3.2 ETC/bock was created

I have decided to centrally offer all my services for the Ethereum Classic, I started to set up the last months and created a site. Check out for more

Sell Goals

I decided to make pre set goals to seel either 50% of each coin holding or a 100% sell off.

# 50% 100%
ETC 300$ 750$
ETH 15 000$ 30 000$
BTC 180 000$ 250 000$

Future of Crpto markets 2025-2026

Few days in the new year and Bitcoin and all other coins have a major drops, but this won't be the last drop until re-bounce and that has 10% to 15% a day down movements. I expect BTC to go as low as 25k-30k and other coins in similar ranges as the percentage of drop from the current price to the lowest.

6 Years into Crypto

Staking now Ethereum and BitCanna

I stated to stake my anyways just lying around coins with Lido on Ethereum and with the native web wallet of BitCanna. I hope for big returns in the next upcoming 2 years.

67 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

66 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

65 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

64 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Hyperledger Besu Mode Grafana Dashboard

My pull request got forwarded via to my stats page. This is a huge honer since I used that same page that went down back in the days.

China bans Bitcoin the x time

A known thing by experienced Bitcoin and Crypto enthusiasts happens just now once again, China banns Bitcoin, LOL as if.

All bark and some bite. China’s Bitcoin ban puts traders in the ‘fear’ zone @ Cointelegraph

Bullrun 2021 over

Seems that the Bullrun caused by the last block halving at BTC about a year ago has finally stabilized and will in my opinion not raise that quick up again and will continue to reach lows as 23k $ / BTC. With even bigger bags I will be ready for the Bullrun in 2025 after the Block halving to 3.125 BTC / Block

30% Drop

Ladies and gentleman's please be prepared for more bumps further down the road we expect lows as 27k or maybe lower let's hope for some support. Anyways see you 2025-2026 at next ride, was an honor for used to fly with you.

NEW ETC ATH (1 month +900%)

ATH of ETC stands at solid 176.15 $

1/2 ETCs ATH (22$ current)

Ethereum Classic had a recent upswing as well as other currencies. I read a thread from a nice analysis that it would need "only" ~ $ to 10x compared to Bitcoin ( to 10x) or e.g more realistic ETH (2.500.000.000.000$ to 10x) / Litecoin ($ to 10x)

63 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

62 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Portfolio allocation to ETC

I started up my Ledger Live Overview and noticed I have with 41,17 % allocation the hightest value in my allocation after recent price raise of Ethereum Classic (Price: 18.31 $/ETC)

61 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Very interesting support at 60k

60 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Very interesting support at 60k

59 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

When roof?

ETC - Hyperledger Besu Node Operator

After some sleepless nights I am finally synced up and also have a Grafana dashboard for my Hyperledger Besu Node at the Ethereum Classic Network.

Friends introduced to Minig

Over the last few weeks I introduced mining to a total of three friends of mine. I have convinced on friend to mine from now on a bit ETC to support the original Ethereum Chain and to profit out of it in the future, since ETH will switch to PoS and over 5 Th/s of Miners will need a new chain to mine on I see high potential for Ethereum Classic and other Ethash based coins.

Back at ETC

After recent price push I discovered the high potential once again in ETC with the possible implementation of ECIP-1049. To also see the ETH 2.0 launch tells me the PoS switch for ETH is getting closer but not until 2023. There are many more factors ETC has/ will have a steady growth in value not only as financial perspective. Switched miners back to the chain and also using now the Rave Ming OS

58 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

When roof?

57 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

When roof?

56 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

When roof?

55 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

When roof?

54 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

When roof?

53 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

When roof?

52 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

When roof?

51 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

When roof?

50 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

50k what should I say.

49 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Getting close to the 50k mark

Bet: Ethereum Classic to 7k$ next 10 years

I will give to everyone who asks for a Tesla if ETC (Ethereum Classic) hits hights of 7k. See more my why I strongly believe in Ethereum Classic

How Ethereum Classic will surge past 7000 in the next 10 years

48 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Electric automaker Tesla said Monday February 8th, 2021 that it has invested around $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and it plans to begin accepting the digital currency as payment for its high-end vehicles soon

47 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Electric automaker Tesla said Monday February 8th, 2021 that it has invested around $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and it plans to begin accepting the digital currency as payment for its high-end vehicles soon

46 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Electric automaker Tesla said Monday February 8th, 2021 that it has invested around $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and it plans to begin accepting the digital currency as payment for its high-end vehicles soon

45 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Electric automaker Tesla said Monday February 8th, 2021 that it has invested around $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and it plans to begin accepting the digital currency as payment for its high-end vehicles soon

44 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Electric automaker Tesla said Monday February 8th, 2021 that it has invested around $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and it plans to begin accepting the digital currency as payment for its high-end vehicles soon

43 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Electric automaker Tesla said Monday February 8th, 2021 that it has invested around $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and it plans to begin accepting the digital currency as payment for its high-end vehicles soon

42 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Electric automaker Tesla said Monday February 8th, 2021 that it has invested around $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and it plans to begin accepting the digital currency as payment for its high-end vehicles soon

RTX 3070 Mod

After a long period of time I decided to dedicate some effort to make my RTX an ethash killer. I am now able to do ~61Mh/s with 120 Watt DAG epoch 389

41 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Moon ?

40 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Another 4 years cycle Bullrun has started

39 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Another 4 years cycle Bullrun has started<< /p>

38 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Another 4 years cycle Bullrun has started<< /p>

37 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Another 4 years cycle Bullrun has started

36 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Short push to 36k collapsed back in less than 2 hours.

35 000$ = 1 Bitcoin


34 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Seems like Bullrun isn't over yet. I guess for a drop after reaching the 36k mark.

33 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Let's watch for the "Bitcoin is dead/crashed" media posts that will explode as soon we have a 25% drop.

34 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Bitcoin peaks close to 35k mark and starts a drop.

32 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

I removed again my order at 32k and placed it for now higher at 33k the waiting goes on.

31 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Removed my order at 31k and placed it for now higher at 32k let's see for how long.

30 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Only two days after Bitcoin finally hit an 10k mark another ATH.

Sold @ 30k BTC for USDC

First half of my Bitcoin sold at 1:16pm.

Selling some BTC for USDC

I'm selling about 80% of my Bitcoins @ 30k USDC & 31k USDC. I am looking forward to buy back as soon Bitcoin has it's correction and goes back to around 17-22k.

29 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Looks very promising that Bitcoin will reach 30k this year

28 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Will Bitcoin reach 30k within this year ?

27 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

1k a day keeps the HODLers HODLing

5 Years into Crypto

26 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

BTC continues to raise just close to near next 1k mark @ 27k

25 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

5 years into Bitcoin and 2 days after christmas it's continue to raise again about ~7%

24 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

ATH, ATH, ATH new one every few days this is what I like to see in the morning!

23 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Pump those numbers to a new ATH!

22 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Pump those numbers to a new ATH!

Centralize Coins

I started moving as much as possible Coins from old wallets and sites into my Ledger to have an better overview. I also started to send some CLO to exchange as soon it's more worth again.

21 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Seems like a lot companies are investing and forcing the price to go up .

My Dad

My Dad showed high interest into Bitcoin and how the mining works. I talked a lot about how much fees are there and how it should be traded without the use of any Fiat currency. Some sites I showed to him where

TX Street
Bitcoin Ticker
Crypto Watcher
Rainbow Chart
Coin 360
Bitcoin Halving Countdown
Bitcoin Mem Pool
Bitcoin Hashrate
MTGoX Cold Wallet Monitor
Coin Particle

and many more.

RTX 3070

As my PC turned 5 and my GPU needed a upgrade from the GTX 970 I decided to by a RTX 3070. 5888 Cores pushing the hashrate upto ~49,19 MH/s@ethash.

Tor Donation

I donated some of my Bitcoins to the Tor project. I contribute by running a relay node and now also a donation. How much was donated I will not tell you but a three digit number.

Nicehash - Instant swap

I switched my miners to nicehash to have a instant coin swap from the coins mined on Daggerhashimoto to Bitcoin. Should have done this in earlier days but it's never to late at bitcoin. Since I think that only one coin should exists and this is Bitcoin the real and only one. But I will not exchange my other assets in Bitcoin, guess there will be also some good amount of effort payback any time in the future.

Happy Birthday Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic is since four years split from Ethereum and will gain huge popularity as soon ETH moves to the PoS Chain.

ZFS RAIDZ 2/4 disks died

I know that this event is no in any way related to my experiences and events with cryptocurrencies but thought I would like to have this also as a reminder back. I am running a lot of applications on my server like this website, an openthereum ETC node and many other things. Two out of four disk died in my ZFS RAIDZ resulting in a loss of data stored in the pool no snapshots where made. I was successfully at restoring important files like including this website and some other files.

Ethereum Classic Phoenix Upgrade

Ethereum Classic upgraded to Phoenix (ECIP 1088) and can now offer the same environment as Ethereum ETH. I upgraded my parity node to a openethereum to keep up the support of the ETC network

Bitcoin Halving to 6,25 BTC/Bock

Happy Halving !!!. Yet another halving I am proud of seeing it happen.

Miners wear out

My cards on my miners stating to show some sings of ware out after nearly 3 years. I will remove the fans which has stopped working and place just regular case fans to continue cooling the cards. Hope to see them still working for at least 2 more years.

The Corona Virus

Three months into 2020 and Bitcoin and the hole crypto marked experiencing a ~40% drop in price. I would call this a normal move from Bitcoin nothing more to say.

New Mining Pool

I wanted to help to distribute the hashrate in the ETC network therefor I moved to an smaller Pool with less hashrate.

Moved all Funds

I wanted to have a overview over my hole portfolio therefor I moved all my funds in to my Ledger.

Positive profits

For the past 6 months I paid more for mining then gained by it. I see it a hobby and that makes me even more happier than I can do it also now without any los.

First "bigger" movements in 2020

The crypto market seems to move a little. Ethereum Classic has gained over 7 days more than 30%.

Happy Birthday Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic is already three years old and has major differences to Ethereum.

4 Years into Crypto

Crypto stamp

I today received my ordered Crypto stamps. They are digital post stamps and also a collectible.

More infos :

Bitcoin on the raise (again)

Price is raising again.

Positive profits

Over the last months I had a hard time to continue mining until today. The profit changed from negative to a positive profit. Hope to see soon more profit to get back all the minus build up by the previous months.

Price up trend

Over the last 7 days Bitcoin experienced price increases from ~5 800 $ --> 8 200$. Happy to see some price changes recently.

Large Bitcoin Collider (LBC)

After I got a free instance on Amazon Web Services I started to compiled and run the hash collider on the instance. This collider tries to find a hash collision mainly in the 2160bit key length range. This instance got only one CPU and collides 0,07 Mkeys/s = 70 000 Keys/s. I also installed the collider on my PC to compare it and I got 4,20 Mkeys/s = 4 200 000 Keys/s. About 909 677 keys/s per CPU core on my PC

More infos : Large Bitcoin Collider (LBC) | About

f00dbabe Ledger Update

After a long time a had a relook on the problem that Ledger had. I saw that they made a upgrade of the firmware so I tried it out. Felt now more safe but they said there were no improvements because with another bootloader they were not able to obtain private keys.

More infos : Ledger Nano S firmware v1.5.5

Price Jump

The Price just Jumped from 4 190,90 to 4 849,46 in less than one hour.

BitCanna BCNA Invest 1/2

I did invest some more money.

BitCanna BCNA Invest 1/2

I came across the BitCanna project and has big interest in the projects ideas. I did invest some money and we will see what the future brings.

3 Years into Crypto

BCT - Bitcoin Classic Token Mainnet Launch

The first "mineable" ERC223 Token on the Ethereum Classic chain had his launch, and I am a team member of the BCT dev team. I work in the marketing and moderation section. I started to mine some BCT tokens at the difficulty of 8216 with a token miner software and I used 1 ETC for minting the Tokens.

Negative Profit

The first time I saw at WhatToMine with my configuration that I am making negative profit. But I dodn't care about it a lot still just a hobby. I keep continuing mining ETC. More than 18 TeraHash.

Hot Summer = Hot Miners

One out of two miners was getting very hot with a temperature of 76°C. I ordered some extra 120mm fans to protect them from overheating. It was the first summer where I had my miners set to the final destination where they gonna stay and mine.

Happy Birthday Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic is since two years split from Ethereum and has developed very good.


The Hardware Wallet "Ledger Nano S" the Device I use can be loaded with another bootloader from e.g a malware on the host or a person with physical access. In other words someone could steal my cryptocurrencies. This put me into fear.

More infos :

Fired from Callisto Network

The reason why I got fired from Callisto Network was that to many people where working in the team.

Admin and Moderator

I got admin in the Telegram group @ethclassic and @etcchat. Anthony and Cowoperate are happy to have another admin helping in the group to keep it clean. Also, Anthony added me as a moderator in the Ethereum Classic Forum to help him also there.

More infos :

Price up trend

After all those bad days I see a good uptrend coming for the next days. Altcoins are also recovering to previous prices. Bitcoin again back over 10k

Price Dipping

Huge Price Dip to the 6k $ Line. A strong floor holing the price up to don't drop under 6 000 $. Mt.Gox hacker "Nobuaki Kobayashi" sold 18 000 BTC on market.

Red Markets

Two days of fully red percentages. The low of BTC has been reached at 9 402,29. Price was equals to the Price on the 26.Nov 2017. 52 days of rising where destroyed in just 2 days


China wants to block all connections to crypto exchanges that caused all cryptocurrencies to drop from a total marked cap of 700 000 000 USD to 414 000 000 USD on the 17 Jan 2018. Also, the marked where over bought and now it's correction time.

2 Years into Crypto

Bitcoin Recover

Bitcoin now went totally on floor area and now starting rising for a recover. Last Dips where bought

Bitcoin Correction

Price dropped to 11 833,00 $ tue to overbought markets

20 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Price pushes over 20k USD

19 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Price pushes over 19k USD

18 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Price pushes over 18k USD

17 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Price pushes over 17k USD

16 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Price pushes over 16k USD

15 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Price pushes over 15k USD$

14 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Price pushes over 14k USD

13 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Price pushes over 13k USD

12 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Bitcoin just hit again after just some day a new ATH All Time High

11 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

The Bitcoin just goes crazy just one day +1 000$

10 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

The 10 000 $ Mark has finally reached. I had expected a slower grow in Price but before 2018 the BTC hit 10k$

9 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

After 9 days the BTC hit the 9k line.

Ledger Wallet

I decided to buy a hardware wallet it is more secure than a normal application wallet like Coinomi or Jaxx. I feel unsafe while using my phone or my pc. The private key just can get stolen if you install any kind of malware or virus on the device. The App is always connected to the internet. The cool thing about a hardware wallet that you need to confirm the transaction physically on the device via physical pressing those buttons.

8 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

Bitcoin just touched the 8k line and stays near 8 000$ at 7,8k-7,9k.

Bitcoin Coin Split BCH

After the Chain split on 1.Aug 2017 I got now on the Bitcoin Cash chain also some coins. Jaxx released the new wallet version on the 9.Nov 2017 so this is when I claimed my BCH. I'm Happy about some free coins. (But they should be worth nothing.)

7 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

After only 20 days the BTC has risen over 1 000 $ in Price.

6 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

I saw that the Bitcoin price was over 6 000 $. Everywhere I saw posts with the new "All Time High".

Byzantium Ethereum Hardfork

I am not really happy what Ethereum is doing. That is why I switched over to Ethereum Classic. Ethereum is going to be on PoS not longer on the old concept PoW. PoW = Miners and Hash Power are needed. POS = Miners and Hash Power are NOT needed.

5 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

In just 60 minutes the price spikes from 4 922,00$ to 5 200,60$. The total of traded BTC and USD in that 1 hour where: 1 430 BTC worth 700 000$. This amount where just traded in a small time window of 60 minutes.

Hard Days for Bitcoin

After that shut out of the government of China Bitcoin has dropped very hard but in only 6 hours the price recovers 750$ up and spiked to 3694,75$.

China Banning Bitcoins

A huge Exchange need to close because the government of China has discussed it that it will be closed at the 30.Sep 2017.

Price Spikes to 4975,04$ / BTC

Near the 5k line the price fears and didn't pass that line. Bitcoin marked cap of 81 060 600,00$.

Third Miner

The Miner was a present from my parents. They asked me if I want something different I said No. For the 3rd Miner I have got two Sapphire RX 570 and one Sapphire RX 470. I modded them to get the best efficiency out of them. Before I have modded (Flashed) them I only got 24MH/s with a power consumption of 120Watt/Card. After flashing, I got them to 80 Watt and nearly 30MH/s (29,85MH/s) per Card.

4 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

8 days after the 3000$ mark has been surpassed now also the 4k is broken down and ready to go to moon.

3 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

The 3k mark has been passed after the Segwit Hardfork.

Poloniex has been sized (Back Online)

The worst moment when you want to login to your Trading Account but the Website isn't there. I though what has happened to. I freaked out I had recently bought with Bitcoins some Ethereum Classic and now they are gone. After more than 25 hours they are back up and the first thing I did was paid out all my Ethereum Classic.

Bitcoin Hard Fork (Bitcoin Cash)

Bitcoin has forked to take the Segwit code. At 8:12:41 PM Block #478559 was the first Mined block of the new Forked coin.

Happy Birthday Ethereum Classic

One year after the 1 920 000 Block Ethereum Classic is now one year old.

Bought XX Ethereum Classic on Poloniex

I bought @ 0,00670000 BTC/ETC exactly XX ETC's and also XX ETC's @ 0,00720000 and at 0,00840000 again XX ETC. ETC Price was around 19 USD

X BTC on Poloniex

I sold my ETH @ 0.14000000BTC/ETH and got X BTC. A big dream of mine came true.

Mining now Ethereum Classic

I started to mine ETC because I can get more coins than at Ethereum and I also heard about the Ethereum PoS switch which I don't like.

2 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

The 2k sell orders have been bought and another goal was opened ... the 3000$.

Second Miner

I got myself an own miner, just for my self and only me gets the profit of it. Two Sapphire RX 470 8GB with 24MH/s per card, but they are having a problem with the DAG size like all other RX 400 and 500 series the hashrate is decreasing. Sapphire where trying to fix that issue.

All time high since 30.Nov 2014

First time after 815 days the Bitcoin is higher than 1155$ again.

1 000$ = 1 Bitcoin

That was the first time I saw a four digit number at my phone as I checked the price of BTC at 22:00PM.

1 Year into Crypto

Sold First Bitcoin

I transferred 0,07309710 Bitcoins to Bitpanda and sold it for 41,54 €. I bought a game from that money I had exchanged.

Bought ethOS from gpuShack

I bought for 29,90$ the IMG file from gpuShack for a better mining experience.

Ethereum Classic was Born

DAO hack in Ethereum hacked 3 600 000 ETH. Ethereum has forked to undo the Hack and Ethereum Classic is form now on the original chain.

First Trade on Poloniex

I sold 0,1 ETH for BTC @ 0,01651000 BTC/ETH

Bitcoin Halving to 12,5 BTC/Bock

Happy Halving !!!

First Miner

This miner I have bought with a friend of mine who also had that dream to have an own miner. We have got the Sapphire R9 390 Nitro, and we over clocked it to 32,2MH/s. We had hard times with running the miner continuous. We had many down times caused some times by the router and sometimes the overclocked GPU was just to height set.

First Mined Ethereum Payout

I got 0.10089748 ETH from Dwarfpool worth 1,67$. I hashed with my MSI GTX 960 in PC with 18MH/s.

CLD Mine Closed (Scam)

Technical Problems they said on the Website but it wasn't they just scammed a lot of people with a good Cloudmining website. I had also invested some Bitcoins and I also got some withdraws of some Bitcoins(BTC), Dogecoins(DOGE), Litecoins(LTC), and Redcoins(RDD) but not all I have in the site invested. Next day I knew that only one you can trust is your own Miner.

Bought first Bitcoins

I bought my first Bitcoins on that day. I bought from a local Bitcoin a Bitcoin ATM at Hauptbahnhof in Vienna. 20 Euros went in to the machine and I have got 0,04972000 BTC. First Time that I saw so "many" Bitcoins in my wallet.

Send first Bitcoions

I have made the first Bitcoins Transaction from my wallet to another. The Transaction has got 66.125 Satoschi to send over the Blockchain to another wallet with a fee of 500 Satoschi..

Received first Bitcoins

I received my first 17.795 Satoschi from playing roles on I have got more than 1000 Satoschi/h. 1022 Satoschi/played roll.

First contact with Bitcoin

I first searched for "Bitcoin" on my mobile phone on the 26.Dec 2015 at 11:58am. It was my first search on google that I have made to read a bit about Bitcoin. The reason why I started to search this kind of things was because I wanted to earn money that is complete in control of mine and no one could control or regulate it.

26.Dec 2015
First contact with Bitcoin