About Me

Network and Security Technician @ CONVOTIS

00 years old

Cryptography, Cardistry, Bash Scripts,

Passion in Security



ITSDONE is now CONVOTIS and I continue to work at the Network & Security Team at CONVOTIS.


I continue to work in the Network & Security Team at ITSDONE

Passed the ITIL 4 exam.
Passed the NSE5 exam. Verify
Passed the NSE3 exam.
Passed the NSE2 exam.
Passed the NSE1 exam.
Passed the AZ-500 exam. Verify

Wrote an Config backupper script.
Implemented Oxidized for +200 nodes
Responsible for all OpenVAS topics.
Darktrace anomaly specalist.
IP-Plan to Netbox migration.


I started working as a trainee at ITSDONE in the Network and Security team. From August to September until the school started I worked every day from Monday to Friday. After the 3rd of September I will be at school every Friday and continue to work from Monday to Thursday.

ÖBB-Business Competence Center

I worked at the ÖBB and started to learn about the whole history of trains and rails there. Sometimes my supervisor had no time to teach me something, so he told me to start learning a bit about HTML and create some websites for him. The first month I worked there, I created the first version of this website. The Website is now on Version 3.0


Second time I was working at the Head Quarter of Ruefa at Praterstern in the IT Team. I was responsible for the hardware in the whole building.

HTL Ottakring

I took the branch IT (Information Technology) at the HTL Ottakring in the Thaliastraße 125,Vienna


I worked at the Head Quarter of Ruefa at Praterstern in the IT Team. I was responsible for the hardware in the whole building. The rest of my time there I started to use a Raspberry Pi 3 and played a bit with it.

Programs & Applications I am using



I am using GIMP for some years now and I got really used to it. Used it for creating some samples of my personal Card and other projects.



After Facebook bought WhatsApp I stopped using WhatsApp and installed Telegram. I love encrypted messages and all features that Telegram offers. Also, got some groups I need to manage there.



I use Nextcloud as my own personal cloud and as a file exchange point between family and friends. This runs on my Server with very low usage of the system.



I was fascinated in 2016 as I first came across Tor by the fact that there is a web that is censor free, anonymous and has the possibility to contribute by just running a node.


Visual Studio Code

Since I got Linux running on my laptop, I use it every time when I need to code something. Also, used it for my GitHub projects and even for creating my web page. This includes this site ;). I just like the feature that you can edit hexadecimal color codes direct in VS-Code.



Since I got a windows host I install the Debian subsystem. I use it quite often for text processing or some simple tests. I love it!

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